Lakshminath Bezbaroa’s letter to Rai Bahadur Krishna Kumar Barooah

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Bezbaroa's letter

This letter was addressed to Late Krishna Kumar Barooah, a renowned tea planter from Jorhat and the owner of the Bosabari, Madhupur and Muktabari tea estates. He was also the first Chairman of the Municipal Board of Jorhat and a close friend of Lakshminath Bezbaroa. Barooah was the younger brother of the first Graduate from Upper Assam and the President of the Jorhat Sarbajanik Sabha, Rai Bahadur Jagannath Barooah. Bezbaroa wrote this letter congratulating’ K.K.Barooah’ on being given the prestigious title of Rai Bahadur.

                                                                                                                                                                                        22 Rosemary Lane, Howrah, 9.1.1917
My dear Rai Bahadur,
          They say ‘’better late than never’’, so I am although late in coming forward to congratulate you on your new distinction yet I have come like a good boy and a sincere friend of yours. Well I now congratulate you and say,”Hello Rai Bahadur K.K.B. how do you do?”
         I am sorry I could not get you at Gauhati long enough to talk to. Your uncalled for feverishness or illness of that kind and my want of breathing time frustrated it. Better luck next time say I, if that wished for luck comes to me again.
        With kindest regards to your good self and admiration and homage to your new acquisition Rai Bahadurship I conclude and subscribe.

   Yours very friendly,    
 or L.N. Bezbaroa
                                                                            Of not Bosabari but of Howrah

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