Khar খাৰ
An alkaline filtrate of ash obtained from burning the dried fiber of a plantain tree, Khar is used to prepare various curries, like amita khar(papaya khar),mati mahor khar(black lentil khar),paleng khar(spinach khar),bengena khar(brinjal khar).


Khorisa খৰিচা
Fermented bamboo shoots, which are used to make various curries and salads.


Poitabhat পঁইতাভাত
Soaked cooked rice left to ferment for the overnight and served in the next day mixed with mustard oil, salt and served with bamboo shoot pickle, onion, chilies, roasted fish, etc. Its a very popular dish in Assam, especially during summer.


Fish Dishes মাছৰ আঞ্জা
Fish is an integral part of the Assamese kitchen. Various dishes are prepared with different kinds of fish such as, Magur, Rohu, Xingi, Borali, Bhokua, Xol, etc. Masor tenga is a famous fish curry made with tomatoes, lemon or Thekera. Another popular fish dish is Patot Diya Mas in which small fishes are steamed in banana leaves.


Meat Dishes মাংসৰ আঞ্জা
Chicken, Mutton, Duck, Pigeon are some popular non-veg dishes among the Assamese. Assamese non-veg dishes are characterized by low spices and oil. Pork and beef dishes are favorites among different tribes in Assam.


Bora Chaul বৰা চাউল
A kind of sticky rice found only in Assam, Bora saul is used as  Jolpan (snacks) and Pitha (Ricecake). Grounded bora saul is used in preparing Pithas. Boiled bora saul can be prepared as Jolpan and served with milk, curd, sugar etc. Interestingly, during the Ahom reign in Assam, it was used with duck’s eggs in constructing buildings because of its glue-like quality.


Komol Chaul কোমল চাউল 
A unique kind of rice found and grown only in Assam that can be eaten without cooking, it becomes edible by being soaked in water for around 10-15 minutes. IT is then served with milk, curd and jaggery.


Chu চু
A kind of liquor, popular among the Garo community in Assam, Chu is prepared for different social and religious festivals of the community. IT is prepared by fermenting boiled Bora rice and maize, which is kept in a pot for three-four days.


Pitha পিঠা
Pitha or rice cake is a special preparation usually made on the occasion of Bihu, specially Bohag Bihu and Magh Bihu. Made with soaked and grounded rice, then fried in oil or roasted or baked over fire. Some popular pithas are Til Pitha, Bor Pitha, Tekeli Pitha, Kholasapori Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Sunga Pitha, etc.


Hurum হুৰুম 
Hurum is prepared from Bora saul (a kind of rice). The rice is soaked for three to four days and then it is roasted. The fried rice is pounded in dheki, a homemade wooden mill in Assam to pound grains, and sifted to dehusk. Now the pounded and dehusked rice is again fried in hot sand and thus Hurum is prepared. It is served with curd, hot milk, yogurt, sugar or jaggery.


Kharoli খাৰলি 
Made with mustard seeds and Kolakhar (indigenous soda), Kharoli is served as a chutney with various dishes.


Apong আপং
Apong is a liquor prevalent among the Mising community of Assam. Apong is used on religious occasions, festivals, and even during their daily life.  Apong is prepared mainly from different varieties of rice like, bora, joha, bao etc. It is prepared by boiling the rice first and then it is spread on a bamboo dola to dry and then some herbal powder made from medicinal herbs are mixed with it. After that the mixture is kept on a dry earthen pot and pressed hard with a lid of hay. After three/ four days a certain quantity of water is mixed with it and that mixture is sieved properly and Apong is thus prepared